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Technology Solutions


Website Development

Website development is the construction part apart from the designing; we perform the complete website construction coding structure based on the need and infrastructure of our client. The contains management is the important factor for any website and we are having expertise in content management and representation which gives much ace to display and deliver robust business or relevant information and processing transaction automation.

We more emphasize in to the research of contain and creative presentation to have prominent information and user friendly interface development.

Our approach towards work is innovative and creative to achieve desire results for our clients.

We at Alight Consultants providing customized solutions for the website structure, content, look and feel of interface. Our Web Designing and development sets us apart from the other market players considering our work of content management & representation.

Our websites carry the latest in tech innovations, content & a user friendly interface in these dynamic times.

We emphasis on “Solutions to complement your Imagination”


Software Development

Alight is also in to the software application developments for web as we as mobile based solutions. Methodology is of proper concept understanding and need of client and accordingly taking the application designing and development in place to deliver best outcome and user friendly interface or platform.

Our approach is to have clear understanding of needs, identifying pain areas and putting the logics over application at such place to deliver best outcome. We work on thinking out of the box to have effective and optimum results. Not only this but providing effective consultation on various prospective of business model and development of echo system.

Alight firmly believes on pre-production, production and post-production activates to have proper kick off, execution and closure of project.

Alight works with process of software development by following business requirement documentation, concept notes, project management for development, testing, quality assurance, security auditing infrastructure finalization, UAT and Pilot.

Our one of prime USP is to have proper implementation, training and post implementation support, maintenance and relationship management towards survive level satisfaction or our clients.

Alight is also servers customized Web Based & Mobile Software Applications Development. We have very hands -on approach, where proper logic is put into application to deliver best outcome using. PHP, Java, Ruby on Rails, ColdFusion, or ASP.NET as platforms for application development.

We are the best in Software development & Transaction Automation is our expertise. Thus “Empowering others through Innovations” is our goal.

Alight offers Software development such as……..

  • Intermediary Middleware.

  • Website / Web application / Web portal Development.

  • Microsite Development.

  • Mobile and responsive application development.

  • Customized application development.

  • Plug and play readymade product integrations.

  • Transaction automation of digitalization

  • Banking integrations.

  • API based integrations.

  • Hosting environment and infrastructure

Latest Technologies We Are Working On

We always update ourselves with Latest Web & Mobile Technologies to deliver outright Solutions for our Clients