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E-Commerce & M-Commerce Transaction Automation

In this digital movement e-commerce and m-commerce has played major role especially in transaction automation. Various kind of transaction automation is a prime need of overall market and alight carries and expertise in deal with transaction automation over web and mobile based platforms.

Transaction has various nature depending on the industry and none of the industry can survive without having transaction in place. Most of the transaction methodology in industry is traditional by nature. However people started understanding it well because of digital movement and awareness but still we have long way to go on mass conversion.

Alight team has great capacity of understating and designing logical solution for transaction automation for various industries such as billing, payments, collections, budgeting, bookings, purchases, inventories, assets, financials, advances, supply chain, reconciliations, advising and more …..

Market needs an expert guidance and system designing for proper implementation of digitalization for transaction automation on e-comm and m-comm platform to have cost effective results, productivity improvement, efficiency enhancement and men management. Alight has widely experienced and knowledgeable team to provide end to end solution on transaction automation.

The most experienced solution providing team on transaction automation with approach of “Go Digital and Grow Digital“

Team Expertise in to……

  • Integrated online collections and payment system.

  • Payment gateway solutions for web and mobile.

  • Prepaid cards solutions for cashless transactions.

  • Host to Host integration.

  • Payment API smart integrations.

  • OTP based automation and authentications for transactions.

  • Transaction confirmation mechanism.

  • Development of zero failure transaction system.

  • Reconciliation automation systems.

  • Billing and invoicing mechanism.

  • QR code and Bar code based mechanism for transactions.

  • Various payment channel integrations.