About Alight

We are a Company providing designer Tech solutions & services in a time bound manner to a host of public & private players out of Ahmedabad. Through years of innovation and exploration in the digital medium, we’ve held on to what we feel is important – creative freedom, quality of work and curiosity – always with our feet on the ground and in high spirits.

We like to see ourselves as a small, flexible, fast-moving team with big ideas. We would like to make friends and partners all over the world to help us make those ideas come alive.

We aim to expand quietly without compromising the ideals that got us started in 2013. As a company we consider us to be nothing more than the sum of every unique individual in the team. Every team member is highly specialized in his or her own way, which creates a really strong dynamic within the team.

Our focus is to provide value added services out of innovative approach. We work on conceptualizing the business model across the business segments and designing solution to get optimum performance.

About us

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