Treasury Management

Treasury Management System (TMS)

Budgeting is very integral part of any business administration and subsequently efficient budget monitoring gives potential result in managing fund and productivity. Considering such facts of efficiency enhancement and effective monitoring we have Budget Management interphase in place. In budgeting we give accurate and efficient payment processing for employees, beneficiaries, vendors and contractors Team alight has developed this based on the various case studies and feedback as per the industry practice.

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asset inventory Management

Asset & Inventory Management System (AIMS)

Asset Management and Inventory management is important function of all kind of biz segment to have proper tracing or goods receipting and managing the vendor dues as well as vendor delivery timeline. It is also needed to have proper PO/WO issuance efficiency and tracking GRN / PRN and receipt note maintenance of goods.

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billing Management

Retail Management System (RMS)

Retail Management System is a basic need of any of retail market or OTC (over the counter) sale such as retail stores for bill processing. It can help you by providing multiple services in one place and in streamlining the process of running a store. It also includes tasks such as managing the inventory, customer checkouts and keeping a track of it.

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Vendor Payment  Management

Vendor Payment Processing & Tracking System

Payment Processing and Tracking to vendor is very important to any business administration and subsequently efficient tracking of the payment gives potential result in managing fund and productivity. Briefly, when an Organization orders goods from a supplier it raises a Purchase Order (PO), when the goods or services arrive, they will receive an invoice from the supplier.

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Payroll Management

Attendance & Payroll Management System

Payroll and reimbursement system are basic need of organization to cater services to the employees or internal customers. payroll is capable for payment management, salary management, leave management, travel management, etc. To have user friendly and flexible interfacing and to process faster and accurate dues we have developed this interphase.

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Hospital e-Payment Management

Hospital e-Payment Processing System

Under Government scheme, Government to provide financial assistance to patients who are not included in the social security pension scheme. Patients will apply for getting the benefits under the scheme with hospital details and financial details, the same will be approve by Head Authority and patients will get financial benefit under the scheme.

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Integrated Tourism Platform (ITP)

Integrated Tourism Platform (ITP)

Tourism needs guest facilitation and to cater guest facilitation for various tourism aspect such as hotel, tour, packages and other relevel booking facilities we have integrated tourism portal develop having worked on government tourism model as well as other tourism operators. In tourism portal we have dynamic tariff management, user management, agent management and many more.

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Natural Resource Management System

Natural Resource Management System

CNatural Resources such as water, electricity, GAS needs accurate system interfacing and supply and usage mechanism. It also needs logical billing calculation on quantum of supply in terms of unit of consumption, maximum and minimum limit, rates variations etc. Also need proper meter-based supply identification and calibration of meter behavior.

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File Utility Converter

File Utility Converter

Client wants to process the electronic payment records through bank through H2H platform. For the said purpose Bank to provide a converter at client’s end to convert the Client’s file into acceptable Payment of Bank. Bank to proceed the payment file and generate a reverse file against the corresponding payment input file. Thus, the application works as two-way converter, which will act as a pull and push mechanism to take the file from client and proceeding it into the payment system of the bank and generate the response file.

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Online Donation Platform

Online Donation Platform

The application platform will be used for an organization to manage the dynamic content such as home page, home banners, events, gallery etc…this system also having features of donation collection and reconciliation.

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Tender Fee Collection

Tender Fee Collection

The application platform will be used for online payment collection to facilitate the vendors for the online payment of various tender fees like registration fees and EMD (Earnest Money Deposit), processing fee etc. for the registered clients on the portal. vendors can search the tenders or will get the reference number for processing of payment for the specific tender.

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